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Wearable Solution for 70e Dolphin Mobile Computer | Honeywell

There are lots of opportunities throughout the enterprise to increase efficiency and reduce labor costs using a hands free computing solution: small parts picking, large package handling, sorting, truck loading… any time two hands are required. Up until now, that has required the use of a dedicated wearable device and a redesign of the application and the process to utilize the limited user interface. Using the rugged enterprise class Dolphin 70e with purpose-built wearable accessories provides a new approach to enabling hands free operations. The large display, flexible touchscreen keypads, and WEH 6.5 architecture allow existing applications to be deployed hands free. Without reengineering!

Watch this video and see the NEW Wearable solution in action!


This product is so flexible that you can use the Honeywell 70e Black as a Mobile Computer or add the wearable solution to it.  This gives you flexibility when selecting devices for your team.  But makes it easier for you to support only one device.

The Honeywell wearable has a touchscreen based keypads and the integrated keyboard designer allowing you to deploy just the keys that the users need.  You can used these keyboards with a Telnet Host application, your current application or our G/S Solutions easy to deploy application.
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