IBM Flex System Manager

One of the most difficult tasks in terms of managing your business is figuring out how to handle your technology on a day-to-day basis. Actually, in today’s lightning-fast age of technology it is more like managing your business every second in real time.

Each time a business comes to us to look at the current status of their IT architecture, one of our primary focuses is “how do they handle a crisis?” Having worked with businesses of every size across the globe, one of the main things we have found is the lack of reaction speed when it comes to being notified of a potential issue or the lack of reaction speed after finding out what the issue is.

We look to IBM and their mobile Flex system manager in situations like this. Not only is the IBM Flex System Manager a free and simple mobile application, but it is available for Android, BlackBerry and Apple iOS. This makes the IBM Flex System Manager a critical tool for a business who needs flexibility and is often on the run.

Let’s take a look at three features we love from the IBM Flex System Manager:

Inventory management:

Inventory management is one of the key resources that differentiates IBM from the rest. Real-time inventory management becomes increasingly more important and more difficult to track and maintain. With IBM, inventory can be easily managed from your mobile device to keep up to date on where your stock is, along with important notifications.

Power actions:

This might seem like a simple feature, but IBM does it right. With the ability to perform virtual resets, view most recent jobs, or power on and off, you will be in full control of your business, even if you are working remotely off-site.

Authentication and security:

One of the most overlooked and important factors in any mobile application is security. Luckily when you work with IBM that issue can be put to rest. With IBM’s mobile application you will be able to manage connections across secure and persistent protocols such as SSL and make sure all credentials are secure on any mobile or remote device.

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