IBM NEW FlashSystem 900 and V9000 all flash arrays

IBM announced its latest product to address the growing all-flash market via a live webcast. The FlashSystem V9000 and FlashSystem 900 provide the raw horsepower to satisfy even the most demanding workloads and provide up to four times more capacity in less rack space in comparison to EMC's XtremeIO flash products.

IBM has added two new products to its all-flash enterprise storage FlashSystem portfolio, which it claims offer industry-leading performance to help customers lower costs and accelerate data-intensive applications and infrastructure.


FlashSystem V9000 offers the advantages of software-defined storage at the speed of flash. These all-flash storage systems deliver the full capabilities of the hardware-accelerated I/O provided by FlashCore Technology. FlashSystem V9000 also delivers the enterprise reliability of MicroLatency™ modules and advanced flash management, coupled with a rich set of the features found in the most advanced software-defined storage solutions. These include Real-time Compression, dynamic tiering, thin provisioning, snapshots, cloning, replication, data copy services and high-availability configurations.


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