Managing Mobile Devices in Healthcare Organizations

IBM MaaS360 by FiberlinkModern healthcare requires a plethora of mobile technologies to support patient care, record keeping requirements, and compliance reporting. HIPAA regulations create a special concern when it comes to mobile device management (MDM) for healthcare organizations. Care must be given to ensure your mobile device strategy includes important risk assessment and device management compliance.

IBM's MaaS360 is a mobile device management solution that provides a robust set of management features that help meet both your functionality and your risk / compliance needs, protecting your mission critical patient data in the process. Maas360 provides robust provisioning, security, auditing, reporting and control across a variety of the most popular mobile platforms including Apple's iOS, Android, Windows Phone devices, and Blackberry Devices.

With tablets replacing clipboards in many healthcare environments, getting ahead of the curve on device management will be critical to your compliance initiatives. So much has already been accomplished around network and pc/laptop security on the compliance front, the MaaS360 suite allows your organization to easily extend those rules to mobile devices, including personal devices.

This full circle method of device management gives IT the control and visibility they need while not compromising the functionality users have become accustomed to. Passcode and encryption settings are centrally managed, as is the ability to detect jailbroken or rooted devices, removing their access to enterprise systems.  The ability to perform device location, device locking and full device wipes if found to be lost or stolen is included, and if your organization is using BYOD, the ability exists to wipe corporate data and leave personal data in tact. A great time saver for your device administrators.

A demo is also available for the IBM Maas360 Mobile Threat Management module.

Secure Productivity Suite

For an added layer of protection, particularly in cases where you are supporting a BYOD environment, the Maas360 Secure Productivity Suite helps provide the security and data loss protection your organization needs to meet compliance regulations. Let your doctors see important patient data wherever they may be without compromising security.

Healthcare Applications

G/S Solutions has expert resources to assist with planning for your MDM initiatives, including the MobileFrame solution, which provides rapid development capability to replace paper based data collection methods in a secure, controlled manner on your mobile devices. Enabling secure mobile devices in healthcare environments is a task G/S Solutions is ready to assist with.

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