Version Control with IBM Endpoint Manager

IBM Premier Business PartnerThe IBM Endpoint Manager (Bigfix) solution provides a number of robust components that combine to provide software version control across an organization.

When established, proper version control helps ensure that all users have the right version of applications which minimizes a number of potential issues including: licensing compliance, security, application functionality, and application data integrity.

Device Tracking

Automated endpoint registration for all devices on your network. Once registered, a view of installed applications and patches are available. Device tracking gives you a real time view into patch compliance, and with that view, helps reduce remediation time from weeks to hours.

Software Use Analysis

The software use analysis module extends your view even further, giving you data on which applications are being used by your employees. There is a software discovery routine that runs on each endpoint to determine exactly which applications have been installed, along with current version and revision number. Combined with adding your license purchase data, the analysis provides audit-ready views for licensing, and when combined with usage data, represents an opportunity to save money on license purchases by eliminating payments for unused applications within your workforce. The comprehensive software identification catalog provides identification and management capabilities for over 400,000 applications.

When combined with IBM Endpoint Manager for Patch Management,  the patch management solution sets out to ensure both the OS and applications are set at the optimal version.  Many patches these days will be to fix security issues as they occur, while some will introduce new functionality. When an organization establishes a specific version level, documents a feature set, and then trains users on that feature set, it's generally considered a good thing if the user endpoints are actually on the version of software that people have been trained on. Patch management provides quick exception reporting, while having a very strong rate of success on initial patch deployments. This greatly minimizes the amount of time your IT resources have to spend working with individual machines for remediation of patch issues.

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