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IBM Showcase

Safer Planet

IBM’s Safer Planet portfolio provides government, law enforcement, defense, national security and commercial organizations around the world with innovative and advanced human-led intelligence analysis tools to help generate actionable insight so they can detect, disrupt and prevent physical and cyber threats.

It provides the most sophisticated suite of solutions to aggregate and query massive amounts of data at record speeds uncovering hidden insights buried deep within so that those who are responsible for protecting our communities, countries, customers and employees have the most comprehensive insights to help them confidently make mission critical decisions.

IBM reduces time-to-insight by providing fast, resolute and comprehensive information that analysts need to connect the dots and make decisions in real-time and with high levels of confidence.

Featured Products

i2 COPLINK Everywhere

Convenient mobile access to IBM i2 COPLINK enables officers to quickly validate potential criminal information, such as known affiliations and recent addresses, and to compare partial observations such as vehicle license plates or distinguishing markings such as tattoos etc.

IBM COPLINK on the Cloud

IBM COPLINK on Cloud links IBM i2 COPLINK data directly to subscribers. The convenience of cloud access enables officers, agents and others to validate information; compare partial observations and update situational awareness with any compatible access device. IBM COPLINK on Cloud is an alternative to an on-premises software solution. You pay for what you need, and upgrade costs are minimized because upgrades are almost instant.

IBM Intelligent Operations Center for Emergency Management

IBM's emergency management solutions are integrated C3 (command, control and communication) solutions that address these challenges. Using 21st century data analytic technologies coupled with social and mobile technology, our solutions present a rich opportunity streamlining and integrating preparation, response, recovery and mitigation of daily unexpected incidents, emergencies and disasters.

IBM Intelligent Video Analytics

IBM® Intelligent Video Analytics identifies events, attributes or patterns of behavior through video analysis of monitored environments. This video analysis software monitors video streams in near real-time, automatically generates alerts, and facilitates forensic analysis of historical data to identify specific incidents, trends and patterns. It enables users to organize, analyze and share the insight gained from data to make smarter decisions and promotes enhanced coordination within or across organizations or agencies.

IBM® i2® Enterprise Insight Analysis

IBM® i2® Enterprise Insight Analysis is an open, interoperable, extendable and scalable solution that helps analysts quickly assimilate large and disparate sets of data, so they can contextualize that data at a human level, adding human insights and rendering rapid decisions at the point of operation.

IBM Counter Fraud Management and Improper Payments

IBM Counter Fraud Management and Improper Payments is an advanced solution for improper payments for social programs aimed at directors of compliance or program integrity and fraud investigators.