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Omni-Channel Commerce Solutions

Customers expect to seamlessly interact and shop anywhere, anytime

‘Always on’ technologies and rapidly changing consumer behavior has changed the way consumers buy. With mobile devices ever present and consumers willing to share their experiences, almost as they happen, there has been an explosion in customer touchpoints, which has dramatically increased the complexity of serving customers and being able to innovate throughout the enterprise when it comes to delivering value.

We are doing business in a different and changing world. Business cycles are 3-7 times faster than they were just 10 years ago. Consumers have completely changed the way they buy with access to information in the palm of their hands. And your competitive advantages are being copied more quickly than ever before. So as we work with companies around the world to address these trends, there are three key initiatives that companies are focusing on to transform customer engagement:

• Companies are making major investments and utilizing new approaches to better Understand their customers― in a Global IBM CEO Survey, 73% of CEOs are making significant investments in their organizations ability to better understand customer behavior and intent.

• The second initiative is transforming engagement in an Omni-channel world - - this has two key areas: engaging customers at the right time with the best action and experience, and supporting a consistent and optimized experience across every device including web, mobile, tablets and stores.

• Finally, as shoppers expect flexible fulfillment with the ability to pick up or return in any channel, We must infuse intelligence into the sourcing process to seamlessly execute across channels and connect your value chains.

It is more important than ever to create a seamless and positive customer experience that spans across multiple channels.

Featured Products

IBM WebSphere Commerce

Single cross digital commerce platform for B2C and B2B sales
IBM WebSphere Commerce is a cross-channel e-Commerce platform that enables business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) sales to customers using multiple channels―web, mobile, social, store or call center. It supports better marketing, selling and fulfillment with advanced web and mobile stores, social integration and personalized marketing and merchandising tools.

WebSphere Commerce Enterprise features include:
• Enhanced B2C and B2B business models that enable businesses to operate numerous websites and support all routes to market on a single platform.
• Support for multiple selling channels―web, mobile, social, store, call center―to provide consistent pricing, promotions and brand experiences accross different channels.
• Marketing and merchandising tools to personalize promotions and content across multiple channels.
• A robust and proven commerce platform to support your online business with high site availability and performance during peak shopping periods.
• Integration with IBM order management and web analytics to integrate the marketing, selling and fulfillment cycle.

IBM Sterling Order Management

Cross-channel order fulfillment platform for today’s dynamic supply networks
IBM® Sterling Order Management provides a centralized inventory, order promising and fulfillment hub to support flexible fulfillment across channels. It helps enterprises increase fill rates and inventory turns, reduce markdowns, improve customer loyalty and increase share of wallet. IBM Sterling Order Management enables you to make better decisions about how to promise and fulfill customer orders, resulting in improved profitability and customer satisfaction.

Sterling Order Management features include:
• A single view of supply and demand across channels to provide improved inventory utilization and more accurate promise dates.
• Coordinated, customized fulfillment processes to support various selling channels and internal or external supplies.
• One source of order information to provide customers with accurate and timely information.
• Integrated order fulfillment processes across store, call center and online channels to provide a seamless customer fulfillment experience