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IBM MobileFirst Platform

The IBM MobileFirst Platform is the best choice for helping clients build, integrate and scale mobile apps. We support all development platforms including hybrid and native (iOS, Android, HTML5, Windows, Windows Phone and Java ME). Available on premise or in the cloud, IBM capabilities support the development and management of B2C, B2B or B2E applications.

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IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation

IBM® MobileFirst Platform Foundation provides an open, comprehensive platform to develop, test, secure and manage mobile apps. It does this with reduced development costs and faster time to market. It helps to accelerate delivery of mobile apps with development libraries, secure integration, continuous delivery and a ubiquitous data layer to provide a more engaging user experience. IBM® MobileFirst Platform Foundation is available on premises, as well as on a private or public cloud. IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation is made up of these components: IBM MobileFirst Server is mobile-optimized middleware that serves as a gateway between applications, back-end systems and cloud-based services. IBM MobileFirst Device Runtime Components offer runtime client application program interfaces (API) designed to enhance security, governance and usability. IBM MobileFirst Platform Cloudant® Data Layer Local Edition is a database management system designed to support scaling demands and form an optimized data backend for your mobile applications. IBM MobileFirst Application Center enables you to set up an enterprise app store that manages the distribution of production-ready mobile apps. IBM MobileFirst Console is an administrative GUI designed to provide real-time operational analytics for the server, adapters, applications and push services. It helps you manage, monitor and instrument mobile apps. With IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation you can: • Build apps for any mobile operating environment and device with your preferred development approach - native, hybrid or mobile web. • Connect and synchronize mobile apps with enterprise data, applications and cloud services - including IBM BlueMix™. • Safeguard mobile security at the device, application, data and network layer. • Manage your mobile app portfolio from a single central interface with detailed operational analytics. • Use scalable data services and your own development tools.

IBM MobileFirst Application Scanning

IBM® MobileFirst® Platform Application Scanning helps organizations lower costs and reduce risk exposure by identifying mobile application source code vulnerabilities early in the software development lifecycle, so they can be fixed before deployment. IBM MobileFirst Platform Application Scanning integrates application security testing into your software development lifecycle. It offers enhanced mobile application scanning capabilities and supports testing for mobile applications, which include support for JavaScript, HTML5, Cordova, Java and Objective-C. IBM MobileFirst Platform Application Scanning also provides integration with IBM MobileFirst Studio and the ability to scan Worklight applications. IBM MobileFirst Platform Application Scanning can enable: • Stronger and more complete software security through integration with IBM Security AppScan®. • Improved intelligence through integration with existing tools and processes such as application development, build integration and security monitoring. • Security best practices through optional management and enforcement of security policies • Governance and compliance assurance that address security requirements and best practices.

IBM MobileFirst Quality Assurance

IBM® MobileFirst Quality Assurance, part of the IBM MobileFirst Platform, takes mobile application testing beyond the test lab by directly engaging with testers and end users in the process. Their feedback is gathered and assessed throughout the lifecycle, providing insights for enhancing your DevOps approach for rapid mobile app delivery. For line of business professionals and development teams, IBM MobileFirst Quality Assurance helps prioritize mobile app quality and performance issues. IBM MobileFirst Quality Assurance features: • User feedback and sentiment analysis delivers user input from within the app and mined from public app stores. • Automated crash analytics provide context-rich crash logs from beta and released apps automatically. • In-app bug reporting allows defects to be submitted in seconds while using the app from your mobile device. • Over-the-air app build distribution provides the latest information and builds to testers. • Evidence-based prioritization enables business and IT professionals to collaborate on mobile strategy and user experience.

IBM MobileFirst Presence Insights

IBM® Presence Insights is an intelligent, in-store, location-based technology that lets customers share information about their shopping preferences. It allows you to quickly incorporate location data from beacons and other Internet of Things sensors with enterprise and cloud data services and apply real time analytics. Knowing these insights can help you devise relevant engagement strategies that optimize the customer experience and increase in-app conversions. IBM® Presence Insights, formerly IBM Presence Zones, is available only as a cloud offering. IBM Presence Insights enables you to: • Execute intelligent engagement strategies and enable a richer user experience at the point of impact based on precise location presence. • Optimize onsite operations by applying real-time analytics to mobile presence in and around a physical location to understand patterns and trends. • Accelerate the value of marketing transformation by capturing insights from physical presence as part of a broader omni-channel program. Priority code: Mobile