As a certified Lenovo PureFlex partner, based in Troy Michigan, serving the midwest and beyond, G/S Solutions provides a full catalog offering for Lenovo PureFlex servers and related solutions.

IBM Showcase

Watson Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is radically changing the way businesses operate and people interact with the physical world. As virtually everything becomes connected-from cars to crops to conveyor belts-businesses can harness the resulting data to improve virtually every aspect of what they do.

The Watson IoT portfolio enables organizations to do everything from connecting devices and building IoT apps, to solving specific business problems, to transforming their companies and industries.

Featured Products

Enterprise Asset Management

With IBM enterprise asset management solutions, you can gain near real time visibility into as-set usage, better govern assets, extend the useful life of capital equipment, improve return on assets and defer new purchases-while unifying processes for wide-ranging enterprising asset management functions across multiple sites.

Facilities Management

Facilities management solutions from IBM enables you to make faster, more informed decisions through the identification of high-return real estate transactions, simplified facility planning, and optimized and automated facilities and asset management.

Continuous Engineering

The Internet of Things is changing the rules for how companies use design and engineering to build competitive advantage. Continuous engineering solutions from IBM can help you engineer reliable, smart, connected products and systems so you can innovate in the face of complexity.

Collaborative Lifecycle Management

IBM collaborative lifecycle management solutions bring business, development and quality assurance teams together to continuously adjust business goals based on customer feedback. They help application development teams stay closely aligned throughout the lifecycle to deliver projects faster and with more customer value. Internet of Things