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Trade-In Mulitple IBM, HP, Sun and Fujitsu Models

[caption id="attachment_61" align="alignnone" width="400" caption="IBM Trade-In Program"][/caption] A historic shift is underway, with clients migrating from Sun and HP UNIX Systems to IBM Power Systems. Businesses by the thousands have migrated their competitive UNIX systems to Power as clients realize the benefits of consolidating workloads that have been running on x86 servers onto Power Systems.…
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10 Figures For a Rugged Tablet

At first glace, selecting  the right tablet for your mobile workforce may seem daunting.  When portability and toughness matter, select a rugged tablet with features for the rigors of field use.  To make the most-informed decision take time to consider the variouse features that are availaibt on today's tablets. Screen – When it comes to…
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G/S Mobile Software Solution

via Vimeo This tool offers a rapid application development platform which creates the opportunity for our clients to have an endless number of custom applications with one software. Applications can be developed and modified in a fraction of the time required to hard coded software. You have the freedom to choose to develop applications on…
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