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Webinar: Utility Contractors & Construction – Mobile Worker Solutions

The continued reliance on paper based systems for utility mobile workers is costing companies time and money. Our comprehensive solution provides you with customizable applications, real time visibility of data from the field, and integration into your existing business systems. We have industry solutions for Work Order, Time Card, Equipment Usage, Safety, Inspections, Fleet Management,…
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Managing Mobile Devices in Healthcare Organizations

Modern healthcare requires a plethora of mobile technologies to support patient care, record keeping requirements, and compliance reporting. HIPAA regulations create a special concern when it comes to mobile device management (MDM) for healthcare organizations. Care must be given to ensure your mobile device strategy includes important risk assessment and device management compliance. IBM's MaaS360 is a…
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Mobile automation success for utilities: A MobileFrame Case Study

G/S Solutions provides expert consulting on mobile automation solutions, covering both applications and hardware. Our partnerships enable us to provide solutions that both get results and have a strong operational fit with our customer environments and infrastructure. G/S Solutions and MobileFrame software have allowed Miller Pipeline to automate all of their field service data collection…
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