Data Collection & Handheld Mobile Solutions

G/S Solutions provides a robust selection of data collection hardware and software designed to optimize mobile workforce automation. Our mobile workforce automation experience covers many industries, and we offer rapid application development, provisioning services, and more that provide tremendous value to our customers.

In particular, our relationship with MobileFrame software gives us robust data collection capability across a wide spectrum of mobile devices. Our rapid application development services can get you up and running with data collection projects right away. We can work with your team to provide the most efficient hardware recommendations from your preferred providers below.

High Speed Scanning Case StudyFor mobile computing, we offer a variety of specialty equipment, including the Toughbook series, designed to handle the harshest work environments. Our wearable computing lines from Honeywell are a fantastic step forward for mobile worker productivity.

Want to learn more about our success with high speed scanning for manufacturers?  Check out our case study.

Data Collection Partners