vmware-airwatch-logo-635AirWatch by VMware simplifies mobility for organizations, while empowering end users. With AirWatch, organizations can easily deploy, configure, secure, manage and support smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices across multiple mobile platforms and operating systems. The AirWatch platform includes industry-leading mobile device, email, application, content and browser management solutions.

Whether enabling a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program or corporate-owned and line-of-business devices, organizations can implement these solutions standalone, in a dual persona containerized solution or as a comprehensive platform based on device type, use case and user role in the organization. This integrated solution helps companies reduce costs and increase efficiency, while mitigating security risks and preventing data loss. With AirWatch, organizations can empower end users and make their lives easier and their work more productive. Placing corporate information at an employee’s fingertips improves business results and strengthens customer relationships.

AirWatch scales to support deployments of hundreds to thousands of devices through a robust architecture that is fully configurable according to your environment and requirements. AirWatch is built on industry standard technology, making it easy to manage alongside your existing enterprise applications. AirWatch can be deployed in a highly available environment and fully supports disaster recovery configurations to minimize downtime.

AirWatch securely integrates with AD/LDAP, Certificate Authorities, Email infrastructures and other enterprise systems both in a cloud and on-premise deployment model. For cloud deployments, the AirWatch Enterprise Integration Service (EIS) server connects your cloud instance to your on-premise services through a secure, self-service process directly from your AirWatch console. For on-premise environments deployed in tiered network models, the EIS server enables AirWatch to communicate to various corporate services across network layers.

AirWatch offers both cloud and on-premise deployment options for our Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform. The same exact solutions and infinite scaling capabilities are delivered with AirWatch Cloud and on-premise deployments, and you have the flexibility to migrate from one deployment to the other if your needs change.

As the leading Enterprise Mobility Management provider in the world, AirWatch is a part of the global mobile ecosystem. We partner with top-tier mobile technology providers to bring our customers simplified mobility management. Our advanced integration enables you to preserve your investment in existing enterprise resources, centralize mobility management and streamline user enablement. AirWatch integrates and partners with certificate authorities, device manufacturers, application developers, and network access control, telecom expense management, VPN and web security providers.