Dolphin 70e Black

honeywell_dolphin_70e_black_2The Dolphin™ 70e Black, Honeywell’s latest enterprise hybrid device, successfully marries the size, style and usability of a consumer device with the reliability and longevity of a traditional rugged hand-held. Engineered with premium materials and clean lines, the form factor of the Dolphin 70e Black elegantly lends itself to personal device usage while also meeting the challenges found in the unpredictable surroundings of the mobile enterprise.

Businesses can also capitalize on the flexible platform supplied by the Dolphin 70e Black which can be customized according to use case with Microsoft Embedded Handheld 6.5 or Google Android™ operating systems. If the Windows operating system is initially purchased, it can easily be transferred to the Android system later on. The crystal clear 4.3 ̋ display can be seen in virtually any lighting condition, including outdoors, and is equipped with the same capacitive touch screen technology used in advanced smartphones, enabling the use of two-finger gestures for device operation. Further, the offering’s integrated imager provides bar code scanning performance superior to that of the camera scanning applications that are currently available in the market.


  • Aesthetically Pleasing and Pocketable:  Attractively designed to increase end user adoption and communicate a progressive, professional appearance in the field.
  • Beyond Reliable:  Integrates Corning, Gorilla Glass for display damage resistance, housing is designed to withstand multiple 4' drops to concrete an over 1,000 0.5m tumbles, selected models are IP67 rated which provides superior protection against water and dust.
  • Crystal Clear Touch Screen Display: Capacitive touch technology and readability in various lighting conditions combine to provide an offering that is perfect for inside or outside use cases.
  • Fast and Reliable Wireless Connectivity: Delivers full wireless coverage for applications inside and outside of the four walls, allowing real-time access to critical data.
  • Service Made Simple Service Plans: Offers comprehensive, hassle free protection on the device investment for up to five years after purchase extending the product life expectancy beyond the norm of consumer grade devices.

Dolphin 70e black specifications sheet