Electronic Patient Meal Ordering

Improve Patient Satisfaction with Electronic Patient Meal Ordering

Eliminate manual patient meal orderingEliminate all the paper used to collect and process meal requests and dietary specifications with our solution.  G/S will develop a system utilizing the MobileFrame software platform that will automate your meal ordering and allow patients and medical staff to have all of the information electronically sent to the Food Service Department without generating a single piece of paper.

Relevant patient information like dietary specifications can be easily integrated to the form displayed to the patient on a hand held device or computer. The choices a patient sees for their meals will be limited to what is permissible for that patient, avoiding a situation where a patient will order a meal that they shouldn't, and having to deal with the disappointment of being denied a meal choice.  To improve service for the patient we also have a notes section where information can be added for special needs or additional requests.

Electronic Meal OrderingThis integrated approach not only improves patient satisfaction, but also saves time for your food service personnel. Instead of creating paper menus covering a wide variety of diets, the food choices for the day are added to the system, and then automatically synchronized out for patients to make their selections.

For those looking to extend their paperless capabilities and improve efficiency across their healthcare organization, the MobileFrame Healthcare Suite contains pre-built modules for patient intake portals, asset & inventory management, supply cabinet inventory management, acknowledgements of services rendered, specimen tracking, meal ordering, first responders, surgery checklists, & more.

Electronic Patient Meal Ordering Solution BrochureG/S Solutions has partnerships with mobile device providers like Honeywell to provide secure, sturdy, and easy to use mobile devices that can be easily used by nurses, food service staff, or patients to submit their meal orders using the MobileFrame platform. MobileFrame can be easily integrated with your other business systems providing a strong ROI and reasonable price point compared to trying to extend larger business management applications directly.

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