Tracking Medical Equipment in Repair – Waiting for Certification

Durable Medical Asset TrackingG/S Solutions has developed an integrated solution that allows hospitals to track the location of patient equipment being used from wheelchairs to hospitals beds when the patient is in the hospital.  But when many patients are discharged they may need to take medical equipment home on a temporary basis that must be tracked and documented for insurance.  Our extended solution allows you to pull the patient's information from the host server and add information like check-in and check out times, type of equipment, and condition of equipment with complete information to automate billing and notifications.

We utilize a combination of approaches to achieve results with this solution, and have vast experience providing healthcare IT solutions. For mobile equipment tracking within the hospital, we utilize a combination of RFID and barcodes to track movement in key areas. Optimal tracking includes automatically tracking the devices that leave the facility.

Our solution helps you track equipment that is placed off-line by your Bio-Medical Engineering department waiting to be certified and return to the floor. As well as tracking equipment that has been sent out for repair. Whatever the reason, the equipment is not available for use by the staff. We can develop metrics and reports that give management warnings when equipment on the floor is getting low and when it is due to be placed on-line again. Our solution can interface with your current inventory system or asset tracking system you have today. We can have you up and running in months not years from the time you say go.

Durable Medical Asset Tracking OverviewMobileFrame Software is used as the data collection engine.  MobileFrame is a code free platform that enables easy equipment tracking on a variety of items. Tablets, scanners, desktops and laptops can all be integrated into the tracking process.  The MobileFrame platform is also integrated with your patient information system, as appropriate, to make key information available where needed.

Key reports and dashboards help your team track important mobile equipment within your healthcare facility. Quick physical inventory options include a "last seen" stamp along with the location, making it easier to track down items during your inventory true-up. A quick view after the true up will show any items that got missed and were "not seen" in your process.

G/S Solutions provides best of breed Honeywell scanners and mobile devices to help round out this offering. We provide an end to end approach to mobile device deployment, and can assist from initial planning and mapping of the tracking solution through provisioning and roll-out.

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