Medical Supply Cabinet Inventory

Exam_Room_Furniture_CabinetsG/S Solutions is excited to announce a new inventory management offering for healthcare organizations. By combining easy to use Honeywell mobile devices with the MobileFrame software suite, we offer an integrated solution for eliminating paper kanban trails and more effectively managing medical supply cabinet inventory.

With instant reporting your staff can respond immediately to critical supply shortages to help ensure that your patients have a seamless experience while under your care. Lost supply cards, poor penmanship, and raiding nearby rooms for additional supplies become a relic of the past.

Medical Supply Cabinet Inventory Solution BrochureMobileFrame Software is an easy to use and deploy mobile application environment designed to efficiently replace paper based processes. The MobileFrame Healthcare Suite contains pre-built modules for patient intake portals, asset & inventory management, acknowledgements of services rendered, specimen tracking, electronic patient meal ordering, first responders, surgery checklists, & more.

G/S Solutions experts will start with a form template that can easily be modified for your specific supply cabinet inventory tracking needs. Tracking can be adjusted to ensure you have the right supplies for each type of treatment room your facility supports. The Heathcare Suite can become an easy extension if you decide to extend the functionality of the solution to other areas of your business. Our experience across a variety of healthcare deployments gives us insight into how to better mold your current processes into the MobileFrame software, giving you the advantage of improving on tried and true business processes with the added benefits of paperless automation.

Captuvo Healthcare Device SledAn ideal device to support this solution include Honeywell's 1902h wide area scanner. The Xenon 1902h provides bluetooth connectivity, wide area scanning and imaging capability.  If you're looking to extend the functionality of existing devices, the Captuvo adds robust scanning capabilities to existing devices, including iPhones. Essentially, the Captuvo is a sled-attachment that both protects your mobile device, as well as giving strong scanning functionality. Honeywell provides the right options to support your mobile device and data collection strategy.


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G/S Solutions has tremendous experience helping healthcare organizations gain efficiency in their operations. Our approach creates an integrated solution to help your organization move past inefficient paper supply tracking systems and into a system that enables your patient rooms to stay well stocked, improving your level of patient care.