G/S Solutions Technology Team specialize in creating customized solution for clients that have unique specifications and requirements. When you choose our team you will be working with individuals over 20 years of experience in the data collection market. From provisioning & implementation service, rapid application development all the way to project management, we work to deliver a completed project on time and within your budget.

Data Collection Provisioning Services

Our project management methodologies help to ensure that your project is delivered on time and in budget, while delivering a quality solution. Processes are carefully planned, monitored and controlled throughout all project phases – from defining and planning the business requirements through mobile software development, implementation, pilot testing and deployment.
G/S Solutions will work collaboratively with your IT and business staff to:

  • Define the project scope in detail
  • Identify the project team, roles and responsibilities
  • Establish a project timeline and key milestones
  • Pro-actively manage time and costs
  • Provide weekly project status updates and application reviews
  • Establish a change control procedure
  • Define acceptance criteria for project completion

Our development team will work with you to gain a solid understanding of your business processes, workflow, and application requirements. We ask the proper questions to understand exactly what the application needs to do, what features need to be incorporated, and what integration needs to occur between our mobile solution and your back office systems. We provide a detailed design specification, outlining these requirements. Once development begins, we will frequently review the application with your project team, providing multiple opportunities to confirm the application functionality, or to discuss changes or enhancements that you might decide to incorporate. Through the course of the project, we promote a collaborative atmosphere, with members of your project team actively participating in software design reviews, implementation, testing and deployment.
Our comprehensive development services include:

  • Design Analysis
  • Requirements Documentation
  • Application Development and Review
  • Back Office Integration
  • Implementation
  • Pilot Testing
  • Deployment
  • On-going support and maintenance

Device Provisioning

Provisioning & Deployment Services

For many companies the task of preparing devices to be deployed to mobile workers can be a daunting task. Some companies don’t have the expertise or available resources to get devices properly deployed in the field in a timely fashion. G/S Data Solutions offers a full range of services the make sure that when your mobile worker receives their device, it is 100% operational.
Our services include:

  • Hardware Configuration and Lockdown
  • Application Loading
  • WAN Radio Activation
  • Communications Testing
  • Application Software Testing
  • Custom Settings
  • Kit Building and Shipment to Mobile Workers

Our goal at G/S is to make sure that fully loaded and tested devices are delivered to your users so they can begin to be productive immediately.

The first step in automating your paper based business process is gaining a solid understanding of mobile software capabilities, mobile technology, and hardware products. G/S Data Solutions has over 20 years experience developing and implementing mobile solutions and can help you achieve your automation goals.
We offer free consulting in areas like:

  • Industry Trends
  • Best Practices
  • Application Software
  • Rugged Industrial Devices
  • Device Management
  • Mobile Deployment and Training

Whether you are looking at a total solution or just rugged hardware devices, our experience will help ensure that you get started in the right direction.