SOTI Inc. develops industry-leading technology that solves the unique challenges involved in deploying, managing, securing and supporting remote mobile and desktop computing devices. Today over 80,000 customers around the world rely on SOTI’s award-winning MobiControl to reduce the costs associated with supporting a mobile field-force. SOTI helps enterprises to achieve their ROI targets by increasing productivity, minimizing downtime, reducing labor costs and securing mobile assets and data.

SOTI MobiControl is an award-winning solution being deployed in over 150 countries with over 400 local support partners in multiple languages (English, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Spanish & localized Chinese).

SOTI MobiControl is the leading Mobile Device Management (MDM), Helpdesk, Security and Tracking solution built using SOTI’s award-winning technology. MobiControl optimizes operations and productivity with its rapid and reliable performance and is functional over any network and with any size deployment. The industry-acclaimed MDM solution continues to set high standards by providing Corporate IT Departments with the ability to successfully deploy and manage enterprise and employee-owned Microsoft Windows devices with vigorous security, enhanced support, centralized control and improved tracking over all networks. MobiControl’s multi-platform web console now supports Apple, Android and Windows devices, and the latest version is truly ‘Software on Demand’, fully hosted in the Cloud, with no pre-installation of software required!

Customers Have Experienced Benefits Like:

  • End-user support costs cut by up to 70%
  • Costs associated with software and data updates cut by up to 80%
  • Reduction in the number of technical personnel needed to support mobile workforce by up to 60%
  • Devices no longer need to be shipped for repair or software upgrade, IT staff no longer need to travel to remote users
  • Device end-user productivity increases: Device features and applications can be restricted based on intended use, eliminating unproductive behavior like Internet browsing, accessing games, etc

Core Features of MobiControl:

  • Device Provisioning: Automatically deploy software and data to devices in the field in real-time over any network
  • Advanced Security: Device-Side Active Directory based Authentication, Full Device File Encryption, Network Security, Device Lockdown, Application Run Control, Feature Control, etc.
  • Help-Desk Tools: Support staff can remotely log into the device, see the screen of the device and remotely troubleshoot
  • Data Synchronization: Two way file synchronization
  • Location Services: Provides real-time location tracking of mobile devices
  • Alerts: Automate monitoring of device-side and server-side events; notifications via email or SMS
  • CRM: Track device problems and history
  • OTA Diagnostic Tools: Automatic problem detection
  • Asset Management: Track hardware and software assets
  • Reporting: Standard and custom reports deliver real-time statistics about mobile devices
  • Multi-Platform Web Console
  • Easy device provisioning with MobiScan

New Features in MobiControl Version 9
SOTI has unveiled MobiControl Version 9, offering complete mobile device management (MDM) with a re-designed Web Console that enables administrators to perform daily mobile management of iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile devices.


  • Secure Email Access (SEA)
  • MobiControl Dashboard
  • MobiControl Security Centre
  • Windows Desktop Configuration incl. Lockdown
  • Agent Builder Service
  • Enhanced Device Messaging

Advanced Mobile Device Management for Google Android

  • Data Collection
  • File Synchronization
  • C2DM Messaging
  • Location based Services
  • Nitrodesk TouchDown Integration

Enhanced Mobile Device Management for Apple iOS

  • Supports iOS5 & iPhone 4S
  • MobiControl SDK for iOS
  • Configure Web Clips
  • Apple Push Notification Service Messaging