Determining the Device for Your Warehouse Operations: Part 1

Warehouse and Distribution Solutions

Mobile devices have the ability to create an abundance of improvements in your warehouse and distribution practices — especially when they employ bar code technology, which can lower costs by improving workforce efficiency, automating workflows and increasing data capture accuracy. You may be questioning which device is right for your business, and luckily, G/S Solutions is here to help. For this two-part blog series, we’ll focus on mobile applications as they relate to bar code scanning, specifically.

First, you should take into consideration the inventory management system you’re already using.  MobileFrame Software for WMS varies in integration, customization and capability with regard to bar code readers. If you plan on keeping the same WMS, you should consult with your software vendor to determine which data capture devices integrate with their software. These elements will influence your choice of data capture device.

Second, you should ask yourself how much control you want from your device(s). If security is an issue, smartphones and tablets may not be a good option because they are typically synced through a wireless network. Mobile computers, such as the MC9200, on the other hand, have the ability to be integrated into complex private networks.

Third, think about the size and environment of your warehouse. Though tablets and smartphones can be adapted for use in the warehouse with some forms of protection, mobile computers and handheld scanners are more robust (and therefore better suited) for warehouse environments because they are built to perform in the toughest environments. Most industrial-grade mobile computers and hand-held scanners are built with water and dust protection standards can endure drops on concrete, tumbles, extreme temperatures and liquid spills.

Warehouses doing high-volume inventory management should consider mobile computers for the fastest scanning capability available. Smartphones, scanners, tablets and mobile computers are relatively comparable when it comes to scanning speed: between 100 to 240 scans per second, though some models can scan at significantly longer distances than others.

Craving more information about the best device for your warehouse operations? Stay tuned here for our next blog post, or feel free to contact us, today.

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