Excellence in high speed scanning for manufacturing

G/S Solutions is a long time provider of high speed scanning and data collection devices, support, and service for manufacturers and distributors. DENSO Manufacturing approached G/S Solutions representatives at a tradeshow when they were first investigating a RF Network deployment to support these types of networked scanning devices in the late 1990s.

DENSO Manufacturing Michigan (DMMI) has a 1.3 million square foot location in Battle Creek Michigan, with 2465 employees on site. DMMI produces automotive heating and cooling components and systems, as well as assembly for cooling modules for the agricultural and construction industries. DENSO’s Battle Creek plant boasts a very high volume of parts that require proactive tracking, with over 250 truck-loads coming in and out of this facility each day.

Download the Case StudyDENSO was faced with a need for better tracking of individual parts throughout the manufacturing process to provide expected levels of service to their customers. Developing a high speed scanning solution was necessary to meet this customer objective. G/S Solutions performed a site survey and made several solution recommendations.

Intermec by Honeywell was the chosen high speed scanning solution, with both hand held and vehicle mounted scanning devices being a part of the solution. G/S assisted with provisioning and provided deployment services for all necessary access points and antennae.

With large gains in scanning efficiency, DMMI was able to meet their ROI objectives with the new scanners. They also gained greater flexibility with their labor force from the improved productivity of the high speed scanning solution.

G/S Provided an evaluation process across several different providers for our scanning needs. This process enabled us to select a solution that was an ideal fit for our needs. They took a very objective view towards the solution selection process, and provided optimal coverage in a very detailed recommendation, along with excellent solution support over time.

- Doug Davis, Assistant Manager, Northern Operations Center

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