Going into DSD with your eyes wide open

In previous blogs, we’ve talked about DSD best practices, the hardware options  available and how to get the best return on your investment.  In this blog, we’re going to share with you some insight on putting it all together with a software solution that will increase your response rates for customers, easily adapt to changes and give users more flexibility and visibility than ever before.

DSD (Direct Store Delivery) is a business model that enables businesses to maintain complete control over inventory, merchandising and promotions.  In order to manage this control, application software is needed that can provide real-time visibility and flexibility to make changes on-site as customer demands change.  When this kind of flexibility does not exist in your application, the ROI begins to diminish based on the time and cost of accommodating features and functionality that do not exist.

There are a lot of DSD applications out there today, but they don’t always have the workflows that fit customer requirements, and many vendors charge heavily for modifications.  On some level that could mean manual processes for some of your functions – like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.  At G/S, we have an application that recognized the issues DSD customers have with existing applications and have come up with a great solution to resolve common roadblocks.

MobileFrame pioneered the field of Configurable Mobile Application™ software, offering the first true rapid-deployment mobile solution. Their Smart Architecture™ uses a GUI that allows novice computer users to instantly create, manage and deploy sophisticated mobile applications without the need for custom programming. Programming and synchronization complexities are handled in the background so they are transparent to the user. These features make MobileFrame software readily adaptable to changing business processes, which is ideal for those in DSD who are looking for:

  • Instant access to data
  • Ability to make changes on the fly
  • Visibility of truck inventory at a glance
  • Confidence in delivery & billing accuracy


One of the best features of the MobileFrame application is the ability for management to access data as soon as it’s collected in the field.  With real-time web portals, management and route drivers can:

  • View and respond to driver activities in real-time
  • Generate reports on most any criteria
  • Make decisions based on up-to-the minute data
  • Review product selling trends
  • View photos of competitor product displays, problem areas, damage, etc.

This functionality allows users to share data to increase efficiencies, improve operations and meet their goals. Having easy access to information enables more informed decision making in a fraction of the time.  With MobileFrame, their web portals are 100% customizable so you can decide how you want to view and present content with no custom coding required.

For more information on MobileFrame DSD software, how we’ve integrated it successfully for our customers, or to talk with G/S Solutions about our services, solutions and success stories, please email us or call 800-444-9406 to schedule an appointment with one of our solution specialists.

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