G/S is Honored to be part of Supply Chain World

G/S is helping to celebrate 50 years of the barcode in Supply Chain World.  We have been working with our customers since 1981 on barcode solutions to improve processes in warehouse, distribution, manufacturing and field service.  We are proud to be part of the Supply Chain World magazine to showcase our solutions.  Please click on the G/S Solutions Ad .

Our MobileFrame software working on a mobile device which can be a tablet or hand held unit, help improve customer service and efficiency in your business.  Our team works with your team to develop a solution that fits your business and then you own the application allowing you to make changes or improvement at no additional costs.  Our leasing programs also help keep you current on the latest technology and improving your cash flow at the same time.  Please visit our website at www.GSSolutions.com or give us a call at 248-649-5560.


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