Utility Workers Elimination of Paperwork

As time goes by, technology improvements are happening in every aspect of our lives. It’s simply staggering how technologically advanced the world has become in the last century or so. This for the most part helps improve things, but sometimes it can be overwhelming too. With this ever changing technological advancements you can now have more options than ever to make your business more productive and competitive by automating your processes. But while this is the good side of the deal, the flip side of the coin is that it can be extremely complicated to get started. But with the right dedication team and assistance, you can automate any processes. The added value of the G/S Solutions software is you own the software application when it is completed. This allows you to develop future applications or make additions to the current application with your IT staff or with the G/S teams assistance.

The G/S Solutions team has years of experience and outstanding reference accounts in the Utility and Utility Service markets. We have automated many processes from, pipeline inspections, pipeline maintenance, utility maintenance, overhead and underground utility maintenance, as well as, inventory control in the field and the warehouse.

This video gives you a brief overview of our solutions benefits working with Motorola MC75 hand-held rugged computer.

And the best thing about G/S Solutions is that it offers top of the line services from designing, implementing and providing support for the latest hardware for the Utility Market. Since 1981, G/S Solutions has managed successful implementations and developed satisfied customers across many industry sectors, including automotive, healthcare, distribution, field service, direct store delivery and utilities.

We can develop a demo application for you if you would like to preview our mobile data collection software solution. Send us your paperwork and we will develop a demo application with your data. Give us a call at 800-444-9406.

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