AIX Solutions Editions

AIX Solutions Editions

When it comes to meeting your IT needs, there is virtually a limitless amount of options at your disposal. There are myriad companies, solutions and frameworks that can all achieve similar results. However, only one company has built its sterling reputation in the IT industry by creating custom solutions that are meant to deliver powerful results while remaining as cost effective as possible. This company has been around for decades and its brand name is synonymous with success. Specifically, we are referring to IBM and one of their most powerful IT suites: AIX Solutions Editions.

Nearly four thousand companies have moved to IBM over the last four years from competitive UNIX platforms because IBM understands your requirement to maximize IT investments while reducing complexity, risk and costs. Power Systems performance can enable you to get work done with fewer and/or smaller systems. This advantage can help you to reduce the total cost of ownership with savings in software costs for products licensed by the core, energy costs, floor space, and other operational costs.

Today’s IT landscape is evolving rapidly. The new measures of performance are the ability to deliver services faster, at a higher quality and with superior economics. IBM Power Systems™ and PureFlex™ solutions provide the servers and software that help businesses embrace smarter computing, manage rapid change, reduce business risk and address higher service levels—all in a highly cost-effective manner. The AIX® Solution Editions combine the benefits of Power® systems with AIX, the leading UNIX operating system.

The virtualization capabilities of PowerVM®, optimized IBM middleware and leading applications from Industry Software Vendors products provide the solutions and services that matter to midsize businesses. An integrated  approach to the design and testing of Power Systems Express® servers and IBM PureFlex systems helps ensure that midsize businesses can rely on the higher quality of service needed for a cost- and energy-efficient IT infrastructure.

Find out what IBM can do to simplify and increase IT horsepower and resilience for your company by adapting AIX Solutions Editions to your IT infrastructure.

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