Improve EMR performance with IBM Flash

Electronic medical records (EMR)  are at the center of the modern healthcare system. Your medical professionals rely on accurate and timely information to provide superior care for your patients.

Health Care Storage OptimizationLike many software platforms, EMR upgrades tend to emphasize features and security updates, while expecting hardware upgrades to deliver improved performance. EMR platform deployments vary considerably across healthcare networks, some are very modern, some are stable, but dated in terms of capability. Regardless of where your software is currently at, optimizing the data center storage platform is a great way to improve the performance of your existing EMR system beyond what software upgrades can deliver.

IBM Flash is a superior, platform agnostic storage solution that provides the performance and stability your data center needs to deliver superior results for your healthcare professionals and the patients under their care.

In addition to superior performance, IBM Flash storage delivers a stronger ROI over 3-5 year timeframes than you see with traditional storage solutions. IBM Flash provides a robust baseline for your data center consolidation projects, allowing your IT team to achieve optimal hardware investment efficiency, both with server platforms and related storage.

Our Healthcare Datacenter Experience

G/S Solutions has long experience serving the healthcare sector with data center optimization projects. Our experience implementing the IBM Flash storage platform extends from conceptual planning, to hands on deployment, through ongoing support and expansion.

The G/S approach is to put our customers first and ensure their data center performance, availability and security needs are being met, while at the same time, working to help reduce long term licensing and hardware costs through the better utilization of equipment purchases. We work with a variety of data center platforms including IBM Power, IBM System i, IBM System p, and AIX.  By combing a server consolidation project with an IBM Flash Storage deployment, we can ensure that the core components of your environment are optimized to use the resources you have as efficiently as possible, while at the same time, planning for growth goals within your datacenter.

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