Server Consolidation & Virtualization for Healthcare

Server Virtualization & ConsolidationOptimizing the datacenter for a healthcare organization is a unique challenge in today's world. Slow systems or downtime can literally become a matter of life or death. Healthcare organizations require an optimal mix of strong performance, along with the ability to grow without disruption as new hospitals, clinics or offices get added to the network.

G/S Solutions has years of hands-on experience providing a variety of services to healthcare companies, driving better performance and better return for the dollars spent.

Healthcare EMR systems run on a variety of platforms, as do the ERP and business management applications that help drive those businesses.  G/S takes a holistic approach to the data center looking to ensure that your systems run well together and are well positioned for growth. Whether your team is looking virtualize with native operating system support, or use a 3rd party virtualization platform like VMware, G/S Solutions has the experience to provide the right outcome.

Health Care Storage OptimizationOur long experience in providing server virtualization to our customers makes us an ideal partner to assist with your server consolidation project. With talented project leaders and server experts for IBM Power Servers, including the IBM i and IBM p series platforms, G/S provides expert planning, sourcing, testing, implementation, and ongoing traning and support for our customers. We help you design and maintain your technology roadmap.

Our goal is to make your data center team better through ongoing knowledge transfer for these new platforms.  These programs, particularly when combined with storage consolidation initiatives on the IBM Flash platform, give your Network Operations team a precise level of control over computing resource allocation. This, in turn, leads to cost savings through efficient licensing of software applications and less overall power consumption and heat output.

After installation, we help our customers design and implement robust patch management processes to keep their environment running optimally and with the latest security releases for their operating system and related applications. We work with the existing applications in your environment to build out an optimal approach to patch management, and where necessary can also deploy patch management tools, like IBM Bigfix.


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