Setting the Foundation for Operating Systems

AIX or Advanced Interactive eXecutive, is a series of proprietary Unix operating systems that was originally released by IBM in 1986. IBM has been producing AIX versions ever since and continues to set the bar for operating systems. Continuously evolving through the 1990s, even becoming (in a slightly modified form) the standard operating system for the Apple Network Server Systems sold by Apple Computer. The most recent release of Version 7.1 came out in 2012 with an Open Beta program once again.

The extremely robust and scalable UNIX platform solution continues to provide a vast platform that can be implemented across a wide array of operating environments. If you are planning to sell products online or large-scale team collaboration over an intranet, you can’t go wrong with the AIX OS provided by IBM. It was the first operating system to support new IP Version 6 protocol providing increased security and additional IP addresses. The AIX OS also seamlessly integrates with key online technologies such as the Java Development Kit (JDK).

Security is always a key concern for businesses especially when it comes to data management of client or business assets being transferred online or via an intranet. The AIX OS has some top-notch security benefits that will keep your business assets safe and secure. The built-in network security features secure your intranets and extend that security over the internet using built-in network security features and effective system management solution. Additionally establishing operating procedures becomes even easier with access to open-source software tools and secure programing interfaces. Not to mention the flexibility and control options provided that can make sure you keep your data and information protected at all times.

The AIX OS allows you to leverage your existing IT systems and provides an adaptive platform that will keep your systems ready for the future. It continues to bridge the gap of the wide and ever-changing array of applications and operating environments that all companies need to navigate on a daily basis. The AIX Expansion Pack even contains additional tools such as Web servers that you will need if you decide to take your business online and turn it into an e-business.

With unmatched performance, easily integrated security features, broad application support, reliability and an optimized operating system environment, the IBM AIX OS is a must have to set the foundation for your business’s IT environment now and for the future.


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