Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

Direct Store Delivery (DSD) operations are complex, regardless of the type of product your enterprise delivers. Whether these mobile workers are involved in the delivery of baked goods, dairy products and soft drinks to local grocers and convenience stores, car parts to automotive dealerships or cement and other construction materials to a building site, your drivers need to wear many hats throughout the workday. At each customer site, these workers handle everything from the physical delivery to general orders and customer service concerns. How efficiently and effectively these workers perform this wide variety of tasks can have a substantial impact on the health of DSD/route, accounting operations and your business.

The G/S MobileFrame Solution allows you to automate these processes to allow your worker to better service your clients. Our solution will allow you to automate the delivery workers paperwork, add location tracking, promotion integration, real-time alerts, the ability to take photos, driver vehicle inspections and accident reports. Our solution will allow you to maintain customer loyalty while controlling inventory and operating costs.

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MobileFrame DSD Demo

Our Direct Store Delivery (DSD) MobileFrame Suite offers several unique capabilities including:

  • Pre-trip vehicle inspections
  • Delivery adjustments
  • Vehicle loading & verification
  • Sales tax calculation
  • Promotion integration
  • Add or delete items from the load
  • Signature capture and barcode scanning
  • Route stop re-sequencing
  • Pre-Sales
  • Returns
  • Account Payment Collection
  • Turn by turn directions from current location
  • Account payment collection
  • GPS tracking with breadcrumb trail reporting
  • Delivery container tracking
  • End of Day reconciliation
  • Accident Alarms