Manufacturing and Distribution

IBM Manufacturing & Logistics Case StudyG/S Solutions has extensive experience providing solutions for manufacturing and distribution organizations. Our infrastructure services are well suited for single and multi-site manufacturing operations, and our logistics and mobility solutions will optimize tracking and flow of components in and out of your facilities. With improved tracking and operations, your customer communication and retention capabilities will increase. Some of our manufacturing and distribution specific capabilities are listed out below. Feel free to review our case study covering iSeries solutions and data collection services for a strong example of how G/S Solutions delivers superior solutions to the manufacturing sector.

Inventory Management Software

Manufacturing and Distribution Solutions
Inventory management is a crucial component of running a successful manufacturing and distribution business. Just keeping enough inventory on hand, without costly overstocks or stock-outs, can be the difference between running a profitable business and disaster.

Our inventory management software build on MobileFrame is designed to eliminate the hassles and headaches of managing your inventory while providing accurate data to help you make better decisions.  Our solutions can be customized to meet the needs of
any organization and can accommodate an unlimited number of inventory items, locations, kits, photos, etc.

The benefits of our inventory solution:

  • Real-time inventory management
  • Automatic reordering (thresholds), pick-lists and kits
  • Inventory audits made easy
  • Automatic notifications and alerts
  • Multiple locations and stock history
  • Custom data collection and reports


Voice Picking

G/S Solutions also offers a state of the art voice picking solution.  The expanding adoption of voice technology throughout the industry continues to grow.  Our Vocollect by Honeywell solution will take your operating efficiency to the next level.  The business value from our voice solution:

  • Helps support and streamline cross docking order staging for maximum throughput
  • Helps ensure that orders are available for JIS customer utilization
  • Helps ensure orders are accurate and staged correctly for shift Kanban carts at the start of every shift
  • Helps ensure greater worker throughput to reduce fulfillment costs
  • Helps ensure efficient worker assimilation with voice directed process workflows



RFID technology is commonly used in manufacturing for reusable container tracking.  The mismanagement of reusable containers from pallets, totes, tanks and more can have dramatic effects on your business operations.  Often the inability to track these assets can cause many problems for companies from increased labor cost to incomplete shipments or worse no shipment at all. With RFID technology you can know when the asset left and when it arrived at its destination.  The benefits to RFID tracking:

  • Reduces additional asset investments
  • Lower labor time and costs
  • Notifies of inaccurate moves or improper procedures
  • Quicker and more accurate inventories and asset searches
  • Helps prevent asset hoarding
  • Decrease misplacement, loss and theft