Mobile Workforce Automation Solutions for Utilities and Utility Contractors


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Mobile Workforce Automation Solutions for Utility Contractors

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Utilitiy Companies - Mobile Workforce AutomationUtility companies continue to be pushed to provide reliable customer services with minimal downtime and at lower costs.  The mobile technicians communications is a critical component in meeting these goals.  Our solution provides you with the necessary tools to better service your customers while increasing your mobile technicians efficiencies and creating a competitive edge for you.  Our expertise in the industry best practices, software applications and end user hardware products from the Utility Market leaders in the industry like Honeywell, Panasonic and Zebra provides you with the path to a successful deployment and substantial ROI.

G/S SOLUTIONS offers your company a comprehensive solution to automate the Scheduling & Dispatch, Field Service and Inventory Parts Tracking processes for your mobile technicians.  We can help eliminate your paper based processes with a solution that can be fully integrated into your back office system while giving you real time visibility to the status of jobs in the field.

Miller Pipeline MobileFrame Case StudyMobileFrame Software allows us to extend your mobile workforce capabilities across a variety of applications and replace paper and disparate forms with a unified and easy to use application. A case study on the effectiveness of MobileFrame for a pipeline and utility firm is available.

Our Utility MobileFrame Suite offers several unique capabilities including:

  • Scheduling & Dispatch which allows you to schedule the mobile technicians based upon availability, expertise, and van/truck inventory
  • Real Time Work Order allows the collection of information in the field electronically which eliminates all paper forms.  Examples of information: technicians time/unit detail, equipment usage and outside services.
  • Electronic Time Card documents technicians time for travel, customer calls, and break.  This allows you to apply different pay rates bases on type of service.
  • Equipment Usage allow you to track equipment usage by the day, work order, or task/unit.
  • Parts Inventory can track inventory as it is received at the warehouse, transferred to van/truck, and applied to the work order giving real time visibility.
  • Safety Documentation give you the ability to document all safety procedures and JHA's electronically.
  • Electronic Data Capture give you the ability to collect information from barcodes, photos, GPS and time stamp, as well as signatures.
  • Store Forward Capabilities allows you to collection information in the absence of cellular communications and will automatically syn to the host server when communications are restored.
  • Management Reports and Dashboards provide upper management and your customer with real time information on the job in addition to incident status.