Warehouse & Distribution Solutions

In an environment where every second counts towards your bottom line, data integrity must be maintained at every step. Our MobileFrame solution works streamlines your warehouse & distribution processes. Employees are more productive and inventories are better managed ensuring that receiving, put-away, picking and shipping are done with our easy to use MobileFrame software.

G/S Solutions helps organizations to more efficiently run their warehouse operations. It can be as simple as helping out certain parts of the warehouse, like shipping and receiving, or become as involved as helping you figure out where to stock inventory based upon historical usage levels and cost of goods.

G/S Solutions has the data center expertise to drive excellence with top tier warehousing and distribution organizations.  Our security services help ensure your customer data remains safe, while our virtualization services help expand capacity, performance, and high availability within your data center.

Amway Distribution Case StudyA recent case study showcases how G/S data center solutions have helped Amway Inc. grow their network availability and capacity, while at the same time, reducing costs related to licensing and maintenance across their data center. The IBM Power Systems platform is central to their operation, while IBM Flash Storage has been added to increase performance across their platform.  By taking the approach of developing a roadmap for their data center technology, G/S has been able to provide a solid and affordable approach to accomplish Amway's technical objectives.

Key Benefits to our Warehouse & Distribution MobileFrame Solution:

  • Picks Lists: Easily create and manage pick lists that enable your team to be more efficient while fulfilling customer orders.
  • Inventory Audits: Inventory audits traditionally are a pain, but they don't have to be.  Utilizing barcode, RFID, and photo capture capabilities your team will be able to conduct inventory audits in a fraction of the time.
  • Multiple Location Support: Create and manage multiple inventory locations (including location hierarchies) and seamlessly transfer inventory from one location to another.  Historical location tracking makes it easy to track inventory across all of your sites.
  • Instant Operational Insight: Data is dynamically updated in real time and delivered to your management team to increase decision making speed and accuracy.
  • Real-time Notifications:  Setup configurable email or instant message notifications for any action within the system, including inventory transfers, low inventory alerts, and more.