IBM Flash Storage

IBM v9000 Flash StorageIBM has added two new products to its all-flash enterprise storage FlashSystem portfolio, which offers industry leading performance to help customers lower costs and accelerate data-intensive application and infrastructure.  The FlashSystem V9000 and FlashSystem 900 provide the raw horsepower to satisfy even the most demanding workloads and provide up to 4 times more capacity in less rack space.

IBM Flash System

To build a sustainable advantage in a world of 24x7 continuous operations, today's enterprise organizations must be able to extract the full value of their vast and complex data sets.  Because data is the new business currency, organizations must quickly and efficiently transact, analyze and gain actionable insight from it to fully capitalize on its value.  The IBM FlashSystem family empowers organizations to take advantage of best-in-breed solutions that provide extreme performance, macro efficiency and microsecond response times. Mike Hanson from G/S Solutions and Mike Ault from IBM talk advantage in using IBM FlashSystems.

G/S Solutions can work with you to determine, empirically, the benefits that IBM FlashSystem can provide to your business. Using the output of the monitoring tools inherent in your databases and Operating Systems, for selected periods of utilization we will, at no charge, model the projected improvements in your environment. Our analysis tools which are both IBM and Industry developed, provide accurate, and empirically proven, analysis which measure:
• Reductions in latency
• Storage response time improvement
• Server utilization and response time improvements
We will work with you to apply these factors to your individual requirements and jointly develop the projected ROI that IBM FlashSystem will provide.

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FlashSystem 840 delivers a competitive advantage for the modern enterprise.  The IBM system accelerates response times with MicroLatency that is, less than 135 microsecond access times to enable faster decision making.  In addition to optimizing performance.  FlashSystem 840 delivers best-in-class reliability in a storage device that is both space and power efficient.  G/S Solutions has a trained team that can get your business up and running with IBM FlashSystem in no time at all.  Mike Hanson our team lead speaks about the knowledge that G/S Solutions Offers With IBM FlashSystem