With high availability, business continuity, disaster recovery, Power Systems is committed to investing in—and bringing to market—solutions designed to keep your IT environments resilient.  The objective behind implementing a high availability solution is to provide near-continuous application availability through both planned and unplanned outages.


PowerHA SystemMirror for IBMi

Major global corporations have been transitioning from internal disk and logical replication to IBM storage servers and PowerHA SystemMirror for i. It’s not only the large corporations who take advantage of PowerHA; clients around the world with less than a terabyte of storage have also moved from logical replication environments to PowerHA with geomirroring.

Benefits to PowerHA on IBMi:

  • Delivers high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) through IBM storage-based clustering
  • Provides higher utilization and performance capabilities for scale-up computing
  • Easy to use, economical and automated
  • Protects critical business applications from outages, planned or unplanned, around the world

PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX

PowerHA SystemMirror Standard Edition and PowerHA System Mirror Enterprise Edition with Cluster Aware AIX (CAA), kernel-based health management, Graphical Management, HyperSwap and other integrated features are designed to provide a robust HA/DR environment focused on ease of implementation and ease of use.

Benefits of PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX:

As a best practice, most companies conduct periodic disaster recovery tests to demonstrate compliance with corporate policy. Compliance tests can be both operationally expensive (tying up critical resource for the duration of the test) and cause business impact. Many companies simply cannot afford to have the IT operations unavailable for an extended DR test and therefore implement a cluster to simplify and shorten the test.  Our G/S team has expertise in DA/HR and can help you develop a plan for test your system or can work closely with your team to do the test on a calendar schedule of your chose.