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IBM Power Systems

IBM Power SystemsAs a certified IBM partner, based in Troy Michigan, serving the midwest and beyond, G/S Solutions provides a full catalog offering for IBM Power Servers and related solutions. Designed for the waitless world, IBM Power Systems offer servers built with open technologies and designed for mission-critical applications. The world demands servers designed for big data that are optimized, secure, and adapt to changing business demands. Servers that deliver superior cloud economics with secure and open choices and incorporate innovation from a growing, open ecosystem that broadens application choice and enhances optimization.

IBM Power8 Core offerings include:

Amway Distribution Case StudyA recent case study showcases how G/S data center solutions have helped Amway Inc. grow their network availability and capacity, while at the same time, reducing costs related to licensing and maintenance across their data center. The IBM Power Systems platform is central to their operation, while IBM Flash Storage has been added to increase performance across their platform.  By taking the approach of developing a roadmap for their data center technology, G/S has been able to provide a solid and affordable approach to accomplish Amway's technical objectives. Amway is one of the world’s largest direct selling businesses operating in more than 100 countries and territories enabling independent owners to provide quality products to their customers with state of the art distribution and sales capabilities.

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Want to learn more about the business value of IBM Power Systems?  Here is an IBM video that addresses the scope and reach of these solutions, alongside the potential value they can bring to your organization: