IBM System I and AIX Services


IBM i Series - AS/400Our service experience since the AS/400 has grown our IBM i business into what it is today.  We have a team of experts that can develop plans for iO/S upgrades or migrations to AIX assessment, as well as, project experts that can assist your team in current projects.

G/S Solutions has the experience and expertise to work with your team to develop, design and implement a complete Virtualization Solution on your IBM server running either AIX, System i O/S, Linux or any combination thereof.

Our solution engineers are well versed in helping our customers with a variety of System I and AIX needs, from ongoing support, maintenance, upgrade and capacity planning and new implementation planning.

Our IBM System i and AIX Solutions

Our IBM iSeries experts can help you develop a strategy for iO/S upgrade and migrations and work with your team to implement it to successful completion.  If needed our expert can work side by side with your IT to complete project working as additional IT staff.  With over 30 years of IBMi experience our team can assist you with all of our IBMi needs from large projects to programming.

PowerVM software is the basis for virtualization on IBM Power servers.  Using PowerVM, you can create Virtual I/O servers (VIO) that own the physical hardware including Ethernet adapters and fiber adapters (aka Host Bus Adapters or HBAs).  These VIO servers can share, or "virtualize", those adapters across multiple application Logical Partitions (LPARS).  These VIO servers can support any combination of AIX, System iO/S and Linux operating systems.  Some of the benefits of virtualization include:

  • Reduce the number of physical servers by consolidating multiple workloads, including those on underutilized servers.
  • Virtualizing adapters reduces the hardware requirements, since these adapters can now be shared across multiple LPARS.
  • Aggregation of system resources, such as CPUs, memory and storage into shared pools allows for dynamic reallocation between multiple workloads.
  • Ability to utilize current SAN technology, including replication, thin provisioning and de-duplication and share storage with other platforms such as Windows.
  • Live Partition Mobility, which allows for moving an active LPAR from one server to another to allow for system maintenance with no downtime.
  • Consolidation of multiple workloads, including those on underutilized servers and systems with varied and dynamic resource requirements.
  • Rapid deployment and scaling of workloads to meet changing business demands is does not require additional hardware and therefore no downtime.

Our years of experience designing, installing and implementing virtualization solutions for our customers has put G/S at the forefront of this technology. With our expertise in operating systems, virtualization software, and hardware required for successful implementations, we are able to provide complete end-to-end solutions. Our satisfied customers speak highly of the partnership they’ve developed with G/S Solutions, one based on expertise, efficiency and cost-consciousness.

LookSoftware - G/S Solutions has a strong partnership with LookSoftware which has allowed us to provide our clients with a rapid return on their investment by using LookSoftware innovation software and on the fly architecture, which delivers market leading ease of use and productivity.

Enforcive is a leader in the development of data security software and network security audit solutions for IBMi, AS/400, iSeries and Mainframe computers.  This cutting edge solutions includes network security applications, protection, monitoring, IT auditing and regulatory compliance requirements.

PowerHA - with high availability, business continuity, and disaster recovery, Power Systems is committed to investing in and bring to market solutions designed to keep your IT environments resilient.  The objective behind implementing a high availability solution is to provide near-continuous application availability through both planned and unplanned outages.

Power Navigator - is a Windows graphical tool for capacity planning and modeling AIX, Linux, Oracle Solaris and HP-UX workloads on IBM Power, Oracle & HP Servers

IBM iSeries - System i - Case StudyWant to learn more about our successful initiatives with AS/400 and iSeries services? Be sure to check out our latest case study for more details.