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B2B Transformation & Standards

IBM® Transformation Engines enable agile B2B process integration through orchestration, translation and secure routing between internal systems and diverse partner communities to empower growth, adapt to changing business and technology environments and increase value chain efficiency.

Featured Products

IBM WebShere Transformation Extender (WTX)

IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender enables organizations to integrate industry based customer, supplier and business partner transactions across their enterprise.

Deploy a single, universal transformation solution that works with all of IBM's key integration products. Deliver industry transformation solutions with predefined packs for Healthcare, Financial Services, Insurance and EDI. Transform large volumes of data of any format efficiently and effectively.

• Single, universal transformation solution that works across all of IBM's key integration solutions.
• Extends Sterling B2B Integrator, WebSphere Message Broker, WebSphere ESB and Business Process Manager with advanced transformation and validation capabilities.
• Easily manage and adapt to changing industry standards with easy to install Industry-pack updates.
• Deploy WebSphere Transformation Extender within virtualized and private cloud architectures with Hypervisor Edition.
• Process large volumes of data efficiently with one pass lookup, validation and transformation.
• Access data directly from source applications for improved data integrity and high throughput transformation capabilities.
• Aggregate disparate data and information stores to provide new business information views and services.
• Reuse the same transformation assets throughout the enterprise infrastructure to provide consistency and scalability without the need to write custom code.

IBM Sterling Gentran

IBM® Sterling Gentran® is one of the industry’s most widely used and trusted EDI and data translation solutions, proving itself daily in millions of business transactions.

Translation would be relatively simple if there was only one standard and you had only one partner; however, things are much more complex. There are many EDI standards and you have multiple trading partners―meaning you must have the ability to communicate in the appropriate standard for each partner.

• IBM® Sterling Gentran:Basic®―A data translation and management system that allows you to easily communicate with your trading partners.
• IBM® Sterling Gentran:Director®―A simple electronic data interchange solution made up of data translation, process control, and communication.
• IBM® Sterling Gentran:Server®―A versatile, high performance EDI solution, designed for the translation of inbound and outbound EDI files and messages.

IBM Standards Processing Engine

Document processing for healthcare and supply chain EDI standards

IBM® Standards Processing Engine provides document processing capabilities for healthcare and supply chain markets, including support for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and electronic data interchange (EDI) standards. It provides automated sequencing of document processing functions, thorough transformation and metadata support, and data for reporting and analytics. IBM Standards Processing Engine offers a modular architecture designed for ease of deployment, high availability and scalable performance.

• Standards Processing Engine delivers a number of industry-specific solutions:
• Standards Processing Engine for Healthcare Payer to help companies address HIPAA requirements, including Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange/Strategic National Implementation Process (WEDI/SNIP) levels 1-5.
• Standards Processing Engine for Supply Chain EDI to address key requirements in supply chain management, including support for X.12 and Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce and Transport (EDIFACT) standards.