Atlantis USX

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Atlantis USX has all-Flash performance at half the cost of SAN

Atlantis USX is a software defined storage solution that delivers the performance of an all-flash storage array at half the cost of traditional SAN or NAS or DAS storage and accelerate its performance by up to 10 times, while at the same time consolidating storage to increase storage capacity by up 10 times. With Atlantis USX, enterprises can avoid purchasing additional storage for more than 5 years, meet the performance needs of any application without buying new or faster storage hardware, and transition seamlessly from costly shared storage systems to lower cost hyper-converged and public cloud storage.

What is Gartner saying...

"The margin revolt of storage costs may force content storage buyers and adminstrators to deploy different technologies and vendors, as staying on the current cost curve becomes untenable."

  • Atlantis USX enables enterprises to pool and abstract all storage (SAN, NAS, Flash, RAM, DAS, Hybird Arrays, and Public Cloud) and instantly deliver virtual storage volumes to any application.  By pooling storage, both storage capacity and performance are used more efficiently in the data center, lowering cost, increasing performance and making data centers more agile.
  • Atlantis USX includes integrated HyperDup Content Aware Data Services that leverage Atlantis real time deduplication technology to provide data reduction, IO acceleration, provisioning, data mobility, security and business continuity for any storage
  • Atlantis USX provides policy based management of virtual storage volumes that allows administrator to define the capacity, performance and availability requirement for individual VMs or applications.
  • Atlantis USX delivers automation of all storage functions through REST APIs that are leveraged by third party orchestration systems to provide Quality of Service (QoS), self configurations, and event based management to automated self provisioning of applications.