iTERA Availability

Nonstop Business Continuity for SMBWhat's New in iTERA Availability 6.1?. Full-featured High Availability for IBM i that fits your budget. iTERA Availability for IBM i virtually eliminates planned and unplanned downtime by maintaining a real-time backup system that can quickly take over as the production system when required. iTERA Availability for IBM i will:

  • Replicate your production environment to a backup server in real-time with zero data loss
  • Protect virtually any SMB application environment, including virtual environments
  • Keep your applications and data available and your business productive
  • Virtually eliminate planned and unplanned downtime
  • Deliver RTO and RPO that meet the widest range of regulatory mandates and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Advanced Replication

Maintains a fully operational backup copy in real time

  • Local replication based on IBM’s proven, trusted Remote Journaling technology
  • Application aware to ensure transaction integrity
  • Minimizes bandwidth requirements
  • Storage agnostic and flexible IBM i version support
  • Meets stringent recovery time and recovery point objectives

Optimized to maximize performance

  • Efficient direct apply process
  • Apply accelerator helps to eliminate latency
  • Apply-side filters

Backup copy available without business interruption

  • Saves to tape
  • Maintenance and upgrades
  • Queries, reporting and BI on offloaded data

Comprehensive Audits

Comprehensive audits with self-healing

  • Scheduled or on-demand audits of data on backup system
  • High performance CRC file audits run in active environments
  • Changed objects are healed instantly and automatically
  • Replication and healing are independent yet coordinated
  • Covers more than 200 objects and attributes, including LOB data and stored procedures
  • Ensures integrity of replicated data for worry-free role swaps

Continuous monitoring of backup objects

  • Objects on the backup side are monitored for access out of replication
  • Detected changes are healed automatically
  • No need to lock the backup database
  • Improves usability of the backup copy

Audit reports and status

  • Command console for viewing audit status
  • Visibility into queued and active audits
  • Results from past audits on an object level with repair history

Reliable Role Swaps

Validate availability readiness with Virtual Role Swaps

  • Run regularly to verify backup system is role swap ready
  • Test startup procedures and business applications on backup
  • Run on active production server with no effect on users
  • After test is complete, changes made on the backup are rolled-back and replication continues

Quick and easy planned and unplanned role swaps

  • Guided processes with documented best practices
  • Checklists minimize probability of human error
  • Progress monitored in real-time with completion estimate
  • History of every test and production role swap maintained

Easy to Use

Quick and easy installation by Vision or Vision Partner

  • Low-touch, wizard-based installation runs on active systems
  • Automated environment analysis accelerates implementation phase
  • Optimized configuration
  • Discovery of system environment
  • Auto library and object registration

Requires only minutes a day to manage

  • System Monitor shows status of production and backup system on a single screen
  • Role Swap Readiness Monitor runs continuously in the background and checks role-swap-ready (RSR) status at user defined intervals.
  • Multi-System Monitor monitors multiple LPARs or systems from a single screen

User friendly

  • Easy to use green screen interface
  • Extensive context-sensitive help system
  • Easy to use menu fastpaths
  • iTERA Alerts notify you of problems

How it Works

Remote journaling - iTERA Availability

Built from the ground up on a remote-journaling foundation, iTERA Availability maintains a complete, accurate backup of your vital data and applications then stands ready to switch users to that fully synchronized backup should the production system becomes unexpectedly unavailable or you need to perform system maintenance.

iTERA Availability replicates all essential objects on your production systems—programs, data areas, data queues, IFS, user profiles, device configurations, spool files, triggers, constraints, WebSphere MQ, and more—to ensure the backup system is always ready to rapidly take over operations. Advanced auditing technology automatically discovers and corrects data integrity problems at the record level in real-time, eliminating the need to resynchronize entire objects if an out-of-sync condition is detected.