Mimix Availability

MIMIX: Simplified Availability in a Complex World

MIMIX Availability virtually eliminates planned and unplanned downtime with innovative features that minimize the administration of high availability and ensure data integrity. Scalable from SMB to Enterprise, MIMIX Availability integrates into your IT environment to protect your data and keep mission critical applications running 24x7x365. Whether you are a small business with basic HA needs or a large enterprise with complex topologies needs, MIMIX delivers the functionality, flexibility and simplicity you require, complete with the world-class, browser based Vision Solutions Portal interface. MIMIX Global, a companion to MIMIX Availability, fully integrates with IASP and SAN based technologies offered by PowerHA for IBM i to extend and enhance their capabilities. Protection of data not supported by PowerHA along with disaster recovery protection of all data to additional nodes, gives you a greater degree of confidence that your systems are ready to switch whenever the need arises. Control of daily PowerHA operations from an easy, intuitive interface is provided by the Vision Solutions Portal, the browser-based user interface for MIMIX Availability.

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Superior Replication

MIMIX Availability boasts a strong architectural foundation that creates a reliable high availability solution uniquely optimized for the IBM i, delivering unmatched levels of performance and flexibility. Superior replication technology and performance enables maximum system scalability and meets stringent recovery point and recovery time objectives.

Strong architectural foundation

  • Logical replication technology is based on the remote journaling capabilities of the IBM i operating system
  • Replicates your production environment to a backup server in real time with zero data loss
  • Supports virtually any application environment and network topology, including virtual environments
  • Provides rapid, predictable recovery time
  • Minimizes bandwidth requirements
  • Allows replication to multiple nodes
  • Application aware to ensure transaction integrity
  • Provides access to replicated data for tape backup, queries, maintenance and upgrade testing with no negative impact on business processes
  • Supports both internal and external storage and allows different storage hardware on the source and target

Tuned for performance

  • Tailored for the IBM i Operating System
  • Scales from SMB to Enterprise
  • Keeps your applications and data available and your business productive
  • Delivers an RTO and RPO that meets the most aggressive regulatory mandates and SLAs
  • Delivers fast, proven ROI by eliminating the unnecessary IT costs and business consequences of downtime

Solid Data Protection

MIMIX’s comprehensive auditing and self-healing technologies ensure the integrity of the secondary copy of your data and provide confidence that your systems are ready to switch at a moment’s notice.

Comprehensive audits with self-healing

  • Comprehensive object-level audits identify and correct out of sync objects
  • Thorough coverage is provided with 8 unique audits per data group, each individually scheduled
  • Prioritized audits allow unchanged objects to be audited less frequency for faster and more efficient completion

Target side data monitoring

  • Objects on the target system are monitored for unauthorized changes
  • Administrators are notified in real time of changes to objects, along with the identity of the user that made each change

Detailed audit visibility

  • A detailed history of audit results is provided
  • Lists of all replicated objects with audit status for each object are also available

Simplified Management

The Vision Solutions ® Portal (VSP) simplifies the management of your availability environment with at-a-glance monitoring and intuitive control from any device with a browser. VSP is easily customized to meet an administrator’s needs and style, allowing you to manage your HA environment in just minutes a day.

Vision Solutions® Portal

  • Convenient monitoring and control from any location and any device with a browser
  • Simple to use interface provides at-a-glance monitoring and intuitive control
  • Easily customizable to meet your needs and working style
  • Provides real-time information about your environment in an easy-to-read form
  • Single view of multiple instances of MIMIX Availability for IBM i and Double-Take RecoverNow for AIX
  • Integrates with PowerHA for IBM i environments to provide monitoring and control from a single interface
  • Provides a single point of switch for multiple data groups
  • Allows you to manage your HA in only minutes a day
  • Configure once and share standard configurations with multiple VSP users
  • Subscribe to selected MIMIX events and to be alerted via email if these events occur

Customizable automation

  • A fully customizable framework for defining step-by-step automated procedures improves reliability by eliminating human error
  • Robust, preconfigured procedures are provided for switch pre-check, planned switch, unplanned switch, and more
  • Complete flexibility is provided to customize predefined procedures
  • Templates are supplied for creating new procedures or steps
  • Reports are available on past procedures and steps at a granular level

Single-button, automated switches

  • Switches are performed with the press of a button in the VSP
  • Entire Application Groups can be switched with a single click
  • Human error is eliminated through automated, customizable planned and unplanned switch procedures
  • Switch performance can be analyzed through reports on past switch procedures and steps
  • Switch pre-check helps ensure confident switching
Vision Solutions Portal

IBM i System Optimization

iOptimize, MIMIX Availability’s automated IBM i system optimization feature, improves system efficiency, performance and resilience to yield a more healthy and effective HA environment.


  • Innovative, automated System i optimization
  • Maximizes storage utilization; proactively, intelligently plans for additional DASD
  • Accelerates performance, enhances system efficiency and improves resilience
  • Analyzes system health and can be configured to automatically perform optimizations
  • Provides over 70 localizable, graphical reports
  • Allows easy comparison of system snapshots to identify trends
  • Supplies the ability to demonstrate compliance with SLAs through reports

How it Works

MIMIX Availability transparently replicates applications, data and system values in real time from a production server to a backup server. Leveraging the IBM i operating system’s advanced journaling features, along with other change capture and replication mechanisms, MIMIX Availability ensures that the secondary system is always a complete, ready-to-run backup system.

If you need to shut down the primary server for maintenance, you can rapidly switch operations to the backup server, which can be located anywhere in the world. In addition, MIMIX Availability can detect when the primary system becomes unavailable and, at your option, automatically fail over to the backup system, minimizing business downtime.

When the primary server is available again, MIMIX Availability will automatically resynchronize the two servers by replicating any changes made on the secondary system. Then, when you are ready, you can easily switch users back to the primary system. MIMIX Availability’s advanced autonomics seek out discrepancies in the replicated data and correct any errors, without the need for operator intervention. Your backup system is always “switch-ready” – available to assume responsibility for running your critical operations at a moment’s notice.