PureFlex System Lab

Classroom Computer Training

Get your staff trained on the new IBM PureFlex system today. G/S Solutions offers hands on training for your staff and live demonstrations of the product before you purchase anything.


In our lab you can see the physical components of a PureFlex system. We can also show you installation and setup of the chassis, storage components, network infrastructure, and various compute nodes. You will also see how the Chassis Management Module provides system-management functions for all the components. Once you are comfortable with the physical aspects of the system, we can go on to demonstrate some of the software components available for PureFlex including:

IBM Flex System Manager – Used for integrated control of the various components as well as providing Smart Provisioning services. The FSM also allows for simplified processes by providing automation options of repetitive management tasks.

IBM PowerVM – The heart of IBM’s virtualization technology, PowerVM provides industrial strength virtualization technologies for AIX, IBMi and Linux on IBM Power Systems.

IBM PowerHA – Providing high availability, business continuity, and disaster recovery in the AIX and IBMi environments.

IBM Storage Manager – IBM storage software solutions help you optimize storage resources, protect valuable data and improve data availability with greater efficiency and less complexity.

VMWare & VMotion – Moves live running virtual machines from one host to another while maintaining continuous service availability.