Flexible Technology Leasing Options

"80% of total IT Costs for an asset occur after the initial purchase" Gartner Group


Technology is advancing at an increasingly rapid pace, and successful companies can’t be burdened with obsolete solutions. G/S Solutions offers innovative strategies for leasing or purchasing hardware, software and services—along with the flexibility to upgrade, add equipment or extend terms as your business needs warrant.

We offer our customers flexible terms, creative bundling and streamlined end-of-lease options. Our leases are designed specifically to fit your needs, a benefit we can offer over the larger, more traditional financing organizations. And because we retain ownership of the lease, our clients know they can depend on our excellent service and flexibility throughout the length of the partnership.

We have offer three types of technology leases:

IT Refresh Lease - This is a lease where G/S Solutions allow clients to stay current on technology.  This type of lease is typically treated as a reoccurring monthly expense over the life of the lease and includes the flexibility to return, extend or purchase equipment on a system by system basis at the end of the lease.

Operating Lease - This lease allows clients to lease equipment and with little impact on cash flow.  An operating lease is not capitalized; it is accounted for as a rental expense in what is known as "off balance sheet financing."

G/S Custom Lease - We write our own leases, therefore, we can develop a lease to fit your current or future needs.  For example, a client may need to be billed quarterly not monthly or the lease needs to include both software and hardware.  We have the flexibility to write the lease to satisfy our clients business needs.

G/S Solutions services a full range of clients from multinational corporations to privately owned companies. Our diverse portfolio consists of everything from personal computers to manufacturing production lines.