Check Out the Custom Leasing Solutions Available from G/S Solutions

custom leasingThinking about leasing some of the latest and greatest technologies on the market, but aren’t sure how you’re going to pay for them? Or perhaps you’re determined to have the newest products each year without purchasing them? Leasing could be a great option for your company, and our custom leasing solutions allow you the highest degree of flexibility.

With the custom leasing solutions available from G/S Solutions, there’s reason to second guess your commitment to purchasing new products. We offer billing options that include quarterly, monthly or yearly payment, allowing you to outfit your works with the latest, most reliable technologies and keeping you ahead of the competition. We also allow our customers to add equipment to their lease in mid-contract and lease software and hardware together.

Refreshing or replacing your current technologies with innovative products can lead to increased customer satisfaction, greater productivity and more robust customer relationships.

So what are you waiting for? Avoid inflation and increase your preserve your working capital with the monthly leasing program from G/S Solutions. Invest in innovative tech such as the MC9200 today—and don’t worry about purchasing equipment that may be outdated in the near future. Invest in today. We encourage you to have an open conversation with our CFO to discuss any concerns you have about making our lease program work for your business’ unique needs.

If you’re looking for a more structured lease plan, we have two others available: IT Refresh Lease and Operating Lease. In the IT Refresh Lease, maintenance will always be current, lease purchases and extensions are flexible and when a new product hits the market, it can be added to the lease or swapped for something more current.

With the Operating Lease, payments are fixed and flexible. An operating lease may be treated as ‘off balance sheet,’ meaning no asset or liability is recorded on your balance sheet. This helps minimize the risk of obsolescence, improve cash flow and liquidity, helps achieve desired financial reporting elements and minimizes costs and resources associated with asset disposition.

For additional information about our leasing solutions, contact us today.

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