Motorola Device Managemen or MSP (Mobility Service Platform)

With MSP, you can manage your Motorola Solutions mobile computers, tablets and peripherals, as well as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) consumer smartphones and tablets, all from a single pane of glass.Whether you have ten devices in a single site or tens of thousands of devices around the world, MSP gives you central control — regardless of device type, operating system, manufacturer or whether devices are inside the enterprise or out in the field. Choose automatic staging to get users up and running fast or use web-based enrollment to bring your entire device population under management and control. And, with easy-to-set policies that keep operating systems, firmware, applications and configurations up to date, day-to-day management and maintenance is almost effortless.

Features and Benefits of MSP:

Support for BYOD devices
Provides full management, within the available capabilities of the operating systems and devices, for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and other Apple devices running iOS version 4 and 5, and Google Android consumer smartphones and tablets, version 2.2 and later

Enhanced device staging/registration through Web-based enrollment
IT “touchless” OS-agnostic (Windows Mobile, iOS and Android) method of staging and registering consumer smartphones and tablets. With Web-based enrollment, MSP provides a portal to allow users to bring smartphones and tablets under management.

Support for Motorola ET1 – hardened Android
Full enterprise-grade management and security for the Motorola Enterprise Tablet ET1. Features include integrated management (MSP agent ships on the ET1); Over-the-Air (OTA) silent installations of applications, OS updates, certificates; and application white list

Enhanced device security
Features powerful new methods for protecting Motorola Solutions’ mobile devices, mobile computers and enterprise tablets, including:
- Enhanced Lock & Wipe: Provides the ability to block certain device peripherals and enables automatic locking on failed password entry
- Secure Storage: Enables a password-controlled encryption file system on the device.

Automated 802.11x certificate deployment and renewal
Allows MSP to automatically obtain certificates from certificate authority (e.g., SCEP) servers and deploy them to devices when brought under management

Device-side scripting
Significantly enhances the flexibility and power of MSP management of Motorola Solutions’ Windows-based devices

Rapid deployment
Best out-of-the-box experience for deploying Motorola mobile computers. Scanning a sheet of bar codes for on-demand electronic staging or SMS-based deployment provides a fast, robust and easy way to set up devices

Automatic software updates / rollouts
Policy-based provisioning for automatic operating system, firmware, application software and configuration updates; sophisticated rules engine to control updates pushed to each device and/or group of devices

Administrator-controlled updates
Allows administrators to specify conditions to be met on the device before downloading updates as well as before installation of updates, e.g., download large updates over Wi-Fi only, install update to an application only when it's not in use

Broad device support
Vendor-agnostic mobile device as well as peripheral support. Non-Motorola Windows-based devices, wireless printers from Zebra and O'Neil, Windows-based POS devices, scanners, personal shoppers etc.

Automatic lock and wipe for missing devices
Automatically locks (optionally wipes) any devices that have not reported to MSP in the pre-set time frame; ensures compliance with regulations such as PCI by securing sensitive data

G/S Solutions have system engineering that are certified in MSP that can assist your implementation.

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