Why Choose G/S


1.  We have unrivaled experience and expertise

With more than 35 years, G/S Solutions has provided tailored solutions to our clients, utilizing the most cutting-edge products and our certified professional who are experts in the industry.  Since the surge in mobile technology capability, we have developed software for your data center, we have the capabilities to design, implement and support your infrastructure with hardware, software or services.

2. We offer flexible leasing options

G/S will offer our clients flexible terms, creative bundling and streamlined end-of-lease options. Our leases are designed specifically to fit your needs, a benefit we can offer over larger, more traditional financing organizations.  Our three flexible leasing options are:

  • IT Refresh - for clients who want to ensure they have the latest technology

  • Operating Lease - for clients who want optimal cash flow and liquidity

  • G/S Custom Lease - for clients who want a lease tailored to their business

3.  We are well-connected

We are a full service IBM business partner, as such, we are able to offer a range of IBM software, hardware and data center services, all of which are aimed to make your organization more efficient and cost-effective.  We also have partnerships with Zebra, Honeywell and Panasonic to offer a robust selection of data collection hardware.

4.  We have stability and longevity

We have been in business for more than 35 years, weathering two major recessions and evolving alongside the immeasurable changes in technology.  Our workforce continues to be one of the most stable in the industry with many of our employees having worked with us for over a decade.  We have a strong financial foundation, and you can count on G/S Solutions to support your IT requirements now and in the future.